Friday, 31 August 2012

London Soccer - Liam

continuing on from my brother.

the next day we decided to try to get to the olympic park. First we had to take the overground train system to get to station to swich onto the underground, we were on that for about ten minutes to we got to chaos. We stept of the train where it was hard to stay together, and got offered a lolly pop by a guy that worked their ( I hope ) and didnt get sick, then we stepped out of the station and it was crazy, people going in all directions, workers telling people where to go through speaker phones.
We wanted to get to the olympic park, but we werent allowed, we had to have tickets for the events to get in, so a worker told us we could see it if we went upstairs to a store balcony, that was to pact, just like everything, so we walked across a bridge to get to the underground, and still couldnt see anything because of people.

When we got to the station we had to get in, which took fore ever, we decided to go to a place called greenwich, where east meats west, we had to switch once onto another subway, then we got there, we took the elevator to the main floor and realised we were in the wrong place. So we went back down and got a subway to a restaurant to get a drink. When we left my dad didnnt go back with us, because he was going out, so me my brother and my grandma went home and got fish and chips for dinner, and just relaxed for the rest of the night.

The next day I went to the park with my brother and grandma for about an hour and a half, and then did nothing else the rest of the day.
The next morning my soccer with the arsenal camp started, my dad and I walked to the field where I would be walking to and from for the next five days, which is about a forty five minute walk. When we got there, there were more kids then I expected we went and signed in, then my dad left and the day started, it was the same idea every day, we train for two hours, have lunch, then do matches. Each day we did something different like control, technique, and so on.
When practice ended I walked home and I relaxed the rest of the night, then the samething would happen the next day, and so on. right now, i just finished my second last day, and will be doing my last day of soccer tommorrow, so for now good bye.

The end

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

London - Kai

Hello everybody! I am writing from London England where we are staying now. Not much has happened for since Liam wrote last, because I was at home with my grandma. This is because my brother and my dad went out three days in a row to see all the attractions London has to offer. We had four London passes to so that all four of us could go and explore, but  then my grand ma realized it would be too much work for her, so instead my dad gets three days just with my brother, and then I get three days just with my dad.
                The last few days for me were spent riding the busses, and seeing where they take us. This was good, because I got to see a bit more of London. Yesterday, my dad and Liam were done there sightseeing, so the three of us went downtown. While we were there, we went to the famous wax museum; Madame Tusourds. It was really big, and they had tons of different wax people, such as The Beatles, Tom Hanks, Bob Marley, The Queen, and many many others. They even had a 4D movie, which is a movie that’s in 3D, with moving chairs and air blowing at you from the seats. We spent about an hour and a half in the museum, and then went to a cinnamon role store, which according to Liam, is one of the most famous cinnamon roll stores in the world. My dad and Liam both got cinnamon rolls, and I got a milkshake. We then had our treats in Piccadilly Circus, which is kind of like a British times square.
                After that, we headed over to Big Ben to get some pictures, and so that Liam could do his soccer keep ups in front of it. We then went across the Thames in the direction of the London Eye, the big Ferris wheel. When we got there, they made us watch another 4D movie, and then go in line. The line didn’t last that long, and before we knew it, we were getting on. The eye was amazing, and had spectacular views. We were able to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, The Shard, BT Tower (which is a television tower) Canary Wharf, an Olympic volleyball stadium, and miles of city and hills.
                After the ride, Liam and I found a rollercoaster to go on. It was really fun. After that, we were all really hungry and tired, so we got on the subway to go home. When we got home, we went to sleep. The next day, my dad went out pretty early, so my brother and I were just with my grandma. We ate breakfast and then went to the park for a bit, where Liam played soccer. We caught the bus back, did some groceries, and then came back home, which is where I am now.
                Ok Bye!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Off To England - Liam

We left our house to get the taxi at 8:30, luckily there was no traffic, so it was a quick drive, we arrived at the airpot around 9:00,right when we got there we went through security and got a drink, by then it was around 9:30. We sat down for about thirty minutes waiting, then had to move gates which luckilly was right next door to one we were in.

Finally when it was time to board the plane, our grandma went first because disabled got to go to the front of the line, then we followed after when they called our seat number.
When we got on plane, there were no tv's on the seats, but there were tv's that came down from the ceiling, and it was smaller than i thought it would be. I watched the tv from the cieling for a bit, which was playing adventure island, then i fell asleep before the movie ended.
I woke up at god knows what time, just when we were flying over ireland, we looked out the window to see the clouds huvering over every where in great britain we could see.
half an hour later we started lowering down through the clowds into green fields, brick housed villages and some cities. After sevem hours of flying, we touched down in Manchester, England. It was cloudy, cold and verry green, i was expecting it to be warmer than the plain that was being air condisioned while it was -44 degrees celcius outside the plane in the air. But no!
When we got off the plane we went through customs, got our lugage and then got a taxi to our aunt's house, who we would be staying with for a couple days.
When we got there, the olympics was on, so we watched some of that, then we had one of the best lasaugnas I have ever had. After dinner, my dad my aunt ann, and i went for a walk on a path that three hundred years ago was a train path. After our walk we went back to her house and went to sleep. The next morning we got up and watched more olympics, then went on a drive through the country side, and little villages, we got some homemade ice cream at a little store and ate in the rain, then went back, for dinner we had real british fish and chips, then went to sleep.
The next day we went down town burry, which is were she lives, it is a town close to Manchester. We went shopping, and went to historic places, then we went to a place to eat, after that we caught the bus back, had dinner, and then went to sleep.

The next morning we left to the train station in Manchester to catch a train to London. On the train, we were going to fast to see most of the stuff, but we saw some castles, and cannal boats on the cannal. The ride was only two hours, then we arived in london. We got a taxi to the our new house we would be staying in for two weeks, and made sure the keys worked, and we were in our house, but we still had to get in our appartment, we werent sure wich one was ours, we had number three, but the doors didnt have numbers, finally we found our's, and it was the whole second floor.

That day we just relaxed, and then went out for dinner to a pub, we were there for about an hour and a half then went to the grocery store, and then back home, and went to bed.

The next day we went down town london, and went to many famous places, we went to traffalga square, so you might have seen us on the news, then we saw big ben, which was alot bigger then I was expecting.
For lunch we went to a canadian restaurante caled the maple leaf, and then we left to go explore more. We went acrross a bridge, and were able to see the eye big ben, the shard, st mary axe, and other places. When we got to the other side of the bridge, we realised i had forgotten my soccer ball, so we went back, and surprisingly, it was there.

We werent sure what to to, so we walked to the shard (new tallest sky scraper in Europe) because my brother wanted to see it and on the way we saw the first public building in the world to be run by electricity, and we saw westminster palace, well the remains of it. after all that we got the underground (subway)back to our place, and spent the rest of the night there, my dad found a startreck movie so we watched that, and then we went to sleep.

Yes, im done, finally, after all this time righting for you people, im finally done, now good bye, i must go watch the olympics.

Kai - Feb. 2012 - BirthDay Yay!


    The day after we visited Liam's freind's resort, we decided to go see a pesentation on whales. It was being shown right across the water from where we were, at a place called Paradise Village, but the only way to get there besides the expensive water taxi was by bus. We caught the free bus that we had discovered the day before, and took it to Paridise Village. Once there, we headed over to the small yatch club to see the presentation on Humpback Whales. The mexican women who was doing the show took forever to get there, and once she did arrive, she still took forever to try to get her computer or something to work. Her computer didn't end  up working, so she just talked about the whales and told us all these facts.
    After the presentation, Liam and I knoticed a fake Mayan Temple. We went to check it out, but realized that it was sadly just a bathroom. After that, we caught the free bus and headed back to the boat. When we got back, my dad did some more work on the boat and Liam and I went to the beach. Liam and I spent the day playing at the beach and built castles. Then we went back to the boat and had a cozy night.
    The next day did not start out to well. When I was eating my breakfast, I went on deck, but on my way there, I stubbed my pinky toe on the window sill and I cracked the nail, and part of my toe. We put a band aid on it and then Liam and I went to the beach and playd in the water. The rest of the day was just like that. Nothing big.
    The next day I dicided to get lots of work done. I began heating the back seat with a heat gun and scraping away the old, dried up varnish. I then got the sander and sanded it down. While i was making sandwiches, Liam said that there some guys spear fishing outside. When I was done my lunch, I went out to check. They had just caught a Sea Bass, and while I was there, they got a Red Snapper.
    After we were done, Liam and I headed over to the beach, but we weren't there long, because soon Liam's freinds came by. They could only stay a few minutes, because they were getting the free bus back, but it didn't come, so thay just took a cab.
    The next day Liam called their resort early in the morning, and they said that they would be there all day so we could just come whenever. Liam and I left when an inspetor, and Chuck from Jacaranda came by, but before we left, Chuck gave us some cookies and  a present for my birthday the next day.
    Liam and I were gooing to catch the free bus there, but it never came, so we decided to walk  all the way there. Quite a few times, we had no idea were we were, but we just kept fallowing the road. Luckily we found our way there and began to look for them. Surprsingly, we couldn't find them anywhere, so we went to the beach. I few hours later, we saw the kids at their resort. They told us that they had gone to Buserias for the day. We just jumped in the pool and played anyways. A while later my dad showed up.
We spent the rest of the day there, and eventually left becasue they had to pack to go home.
    Once we were donne saying goodbye, we walked to Paradise Village, got some pizza, and then went to the boat. That night we watched a movie and then went to bed.
    The next day was my birthday, so we ate pancakes or breakfast. We hung out on the boat all day waiting for the people with the rudder to come by, but they never did. Later on wwe went to a sea food restaurant in Puerto Vallarta that my dad got fifty percent of on. I ws going to have lobster, but they were out, so I got fish and shrimp wrapped in bacon instead. It was really good. when we got home, we went to sleep.
    The next day we did lots of school work to catch up. My dad went out at one point to do errands while Liam and I did school work. Later on the people came by with our fixed rudder, and put it in for us. YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!
After that some people came by and gave spaghettii. I also made so eggs, so we ate both.
    That night we watched, "Those Magnificent Men And Their Fling Machines."
It was funny!!!!. Then we went to sleeeeeeppp.