Saturday 11 August 2012

Kai - Feb. 2012 - BirthDay Yay!


    The day after we visited Liam's freind's resort, we decided to go see a pesentation on whales. It was being shown right across the water from where we were, at a place called Paradise Village, but the only way to get there besides the expensive water taxi was by bus. We caught the free bus that we had discovered the day before, and took it to Paridise Village. Once there, we headed over to the small yatch club to see the presentation on Humpback Whales. The mexican women who was doing the show took forever to get there, and once she did arrive, she still took forever to try to get her computer or something to work. Her computer didn't end  up working, so she just talked about the whales and told us all these facts.
    After the presentation, Liam and I knoticed a fake Mayan Temple. We went to check it out, but realized that it was sadly just a bathroom. After that, we caught the free bus and headed back to the boat. When we got back, my dad did some more work on the boat and Liam and I went to the beach. Liam and I spent the day playing at the beach and built castles. Then we went back to the boat and had a cozy night.
    The next day did not start out to well. When I was eating my breakfast, I went on deck, but on my way there, I stubbed my pinky toe on the window sill and I cracked the nail, and part of my toe. We put a band aid on it and then Liam and I went to the beach and playd in the water. The rest of the day was just like that. Nothing big.
    The next day I dicided to get lots of work done. I began heating the back seat with a heat gun and scraping away the old, dried up varnish. I then got the sander and sanded it down. While i was making sandwiches, Liam said that there some guys spear fishing outside. When I was done my lunch, I went out to check. They had just caught a Sea Bass, and while I was there, they got a Red Snapper.
    After we were done, Liam and I headed over to the beach, but we weren't there long, because soon Liam's freinds came by. They could only stay a few minutes, because they were getting the free bus back, but it didn't come, so thay just took a cab.
    The next day Liam called their resort early in the morning, and they said that they would be there all day so we could just come whenever. Liam and I left when an inspetor, and Chuck from Jacaranda came by, but before we left, Chuck gave us some cookies and  a present for my birthday the next day.
    Liam and I were gooing to catch the free bus there, but it never came, so we decided to walk  all the way there. Quite a few times, we had no idea were we were, but we just kept fallowing the road. Luckily we found our way there and began to look for them. Surprsingly, we couldn't find them anywhere, so we went to the beach. I few hours later, we saw the kids at their resort. They told us that they had gone to Buserias for the day. We just jumped in the pool and played anyways. A while later my dad showed up.
We spent the rest of the day there, and eventually left becasue they had to pack to go home.
    Once we were donne saying goodbye, we walked to Paradise Village, got some pizza, and then went to the boat. That night we watched a movie and then went to bed.
    The next day was my birthday, so we ate pancakes or breakfast. We hung out on the boat all day waiting for the people with the rudder to come by, but they never did. Later on wwe went to a sea food restaurant in Puerto Vallarta that my dad got fifty percent of on. I ws going to have lobster, but they were out, so I got fish and shrimp wrapped in bacon instead. It was really good. when we got home, we went to sleep.
    The next day we did lots of school work to catch up. My dad went out at one point to do errands while Liam and I did school work. Later on the people came by with our fixed rudder, and put it in for us. YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!
After that some people came by and gave spaghettii. I also made so eggs, so we ate both.
    That night we watched, "Those Magnificent Men And Their Fling Machines."
It was funny!!!!. Then we went to sleeeeeeppp.

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