Tuesday 7 February 2012

The tale of the cursed rudder.

The next morning we got up and got ready to leave to leave to Nuevo Vallarta because friends from British Columbia are going there so we went to visit , we got the main sale set up so we could use it during the passage.  

Once we left to head  we put both sales up, but after a while the wind changed, and it wasn’t fast enough jiving back and forth, so we just turned on the engine.
During the passage there were lots of whales around us, and you could see the other boats circling around them to watch.

An hour and a half later we were entering the brake water, with swells that would collapse inside. At one point my dad told me to turn away from the rocks, so I tried, but nothing happened, I turned the wheel all the way, but we just kept getting closer to the rocks. By now it was five and a half feet deep, we were a couple meters away from the rocks, and are steering had failed. Finally, my dad remembered we had a wind vain, so he steered us out with that.

When we were finally docked, we realised something was strange, so we felt for the rudder and it was gone. My brother and my dad got on a boat to see if they would find it floating around, and somehow they did. After, we waited for my friends at the dock. They came about half an hour later, and we decided to go to the beach for the day. At the beach we went swimming in the big waves, and had a sand ball fight.
Later in the day they went back to their resort, and we went to a restaurant for dinner. After we got back to our boat we watched a movie then went to bed.

The next morning we just hung around the boat and did some homeschooling, then in the afternoon my brother and I went to the beach while my dad worked on the boat. We stayed there for a while and then came back to the boat, and then we all went out for dinner. That night we watched the rest of das boot.

The next morning we got up late, and took a bus to the market in La Cruz. On the way, the bus broke down, so we had to get the next bus. It took quite a while to get there, but we had fun looking around, while my dad talked to the people on Jacaranda, my brother and I went to look at the fish.

After the market we went to the resort where my friends were staying, and stayed there the day. First we went swimming at the beach, then went into the pool, had a couple drinks, then kept swimming. When it was dinner time we went back to our boat and had pizza, then we watched a movie. Then when the movie was done we went to bed.

Now go mind your own business, your taking up my sun bathing time.


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