Thursday 2 February 2012



                I have an awful lot to talk about, so let’s get started! I’m going to start at the morning we left Chacala.
                This morning was a rather an unhappy morning because I was O-so-Happy in my O-so-cozy bed and I had to get up. Plus it was O-so-early. Liam and I got up, ate break and then went out to help get the heavy anchor up. I went to the front and operated the Windless, the whole time being careful not to let it near my beautiful toes. While the anchor chain was coming up, I noticed a tiny weird gooey thing with a big head. An octopus! I called my brother and my dad up to see it. After a while of staring at it, I decided to toss it into the water to let it go home. Strangely some dumb fish ate it on its way down. Liam was not very happy with me.
                Once were out of the safety of the anchorage (not that there was any) we began to notice giant swells beating into the starboard side of the boat. After complaining about the big waves for about ten minutes, we became accustomed to the swaying of our vessel and Liam put out his fishing line while I went back in to take a nap. A little while later, Liam got some pulls on the line, but when we reeled it in, there was nothing there. We started putting it back out and he got another tug! It was a small Bonita, so we let it out again. Bonita are bad because they’re real bloody and meaty. Liam caught one more fish after that, but it was too small to eat. Then I decided to put out my line but I didn’t get anything. Although, I did get a bite and I saw a fish jump, but it escaped.
                The entire trip was six hours and I really do not remember what the heck we did that whole time. I do remember that we sailed part of the way, and on our way into Bandera’s Bay (this is where La Cruz and Puerto Vallarta are) we started noticing a ton whales, and whale watching boats! At one point one swam really close to us, but it was pretty exciting.
                Once in La Cruz, we had to stop at a the fuel dock to fill the gas tanks. Then we went and docked at the marina. Right when we got off, a kid walked by and he sure didn’t look happy to see us. After we were done tying up the boat, we decided to go to a restaurant called “Anna Banana’s,” which had live music. On our way there, we noticed that the entire town square had been ripped up. This was sad, because it was where we used to go hang out and play soccer. We later realized though, that they were just re-doing the roads and they wanted to replace the rocks with brick. Once we arrived at the restaurant, we found out that it was now a Mexican place that nobody cared about. Although, right across the street, there was another place filled with gringos! So we checked it out. The prices weren’t that bad, but it turns out it was buffet time or something and it was more expensive. We decided to go to another place that we knew about. My dad and I got tacos and my brother got quesadillas. After a while my dad wanted beer, but they didn’t sell it there, so me and my brother offered to buy it from a corner store. My dad didn’t think they would, but he let us try surprisingly, all I had to do was buy it and the women sold it to me. So I gave it to my dad.
                That night we watched Charlie Chaplin’s, “Modern Times”. It was interesting to see how all the movies used to be silent movies. It was actually pretty funny. The next day, a man named Mr. Byron came by with his adorable pug to say hi. He was from a red sailboat just across the dock named “Boomer.” He said that we could come over to his boat and watch some movies. Later that day the kid that we had seen came by and said hi. He said his name was Leo and that he was from a catamaran named Popoki. Apparently his mom had sent him over to say hi. Our dad kicked us off the boat and told us to go hang out with him, so we walked into town. We came to a comfortable spot under a tree and talked a bit there. Eventually we got board and went to the cruisers lounge at the marina. There we met two more kids from a boat named Jase. Their names were J.P. and Mickey. They said they were going to the restaurant that we almost went to the day before, so we tagged along, but Leo didn’t come. After a while Leo came by and said that we were going to be watching a movie on Boomer’s boat. I quickly made some pasta and me, Liam, Leo, and his sister headed over. We first watched Rio and then How to train your dragon, the whole time eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi. We then thanked him and went back to our boat.
                The next day was all about work. The two main things we had to do was groceries and laundry. We decided to do groceries at a place that we had done them last trip. We also left the laundry at a women in town who would have the clean load ready for us the next day. We dropped the laundry first and went to the groceries after. We got the eggs juice, tortillas, vegetables, and of course, desserts! We didn’t get everything that day because we decided to come again the day after. We then hauled the heavy bags back to our floating home.
                After all this exhausting work, we decided to go hang out with Popoki. We went on to their boat and played a bit of UNO before all heading over to the restaurant that we almost went to the other day. Liam and I had hamburgers, and then we went over to Boomer’s boat again to watch a movie called Super 8. I had already seen it about four times, but it is my favourite movie so I wanted to see it again. After the movie we went back to Popoki and played UNO while we listened to my I pod. Later the parents got back so we went to our boat and went to bed.
                The next day we had to go back into town to pick up the laundry and get some more groceries. We were supposed to be leaving that day instead we decided to leave the day after that. When we returned we put away the groceries and then went to play a game of ours called Malarkey on Popoki. We spent the rest of our day the there, and the girl even made us soup for dinner. After the meal, we borrowed a movie from Boomer called The Core, and watched it on Popoki’s TV. About halfway through, the girl began to get a headache, so the three of us went over and finished it on Boomer, which was pretty nice of him. My dad came by to see us, but went back to the boat after. Later we went back to and went to sleep.
                  The next morning I had to do some homeschooling. I had to finish a project for school and then send it to my teacher. We also needed to clean up the boat and fill the water tanks. I then took a shower, and Liam and I then went around to the people we knew and gave them our boat cards. We then departed. We left the marina and headed over to a anchorage called Punta Mita. We were really surprised to see an old friend from the last few trips there. Jacaranda! We called them and said hi. They said that they would be coming over to anchor closer to us and that we could get together the next day. That night, Liam made the dinner. He was going to make me quesadillas, and him and my dad; pizza. It took him about two hours, but it was pretty good.
                The next day I made bacon, my dad made eggs, and my brother made beans. It was delicious. Especially the bacon. Later we heard somebody calling “Outrider! Outrider!” We went outside and saw Jacaranda going right passed us on their boat. They anchored to our starboard and we went over later. We were in their boat for most of the afternoon, just talking in their cockpit. She made us some cookies and gave us a pack of cranberries to eat. Then we went back home. For dinner we all made our meals, and I’m doing the blog now. So BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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