Thursday 6 February 2014

I don't know what to write - Liam

We have finaly gotten to the beaches and the little villages, which is what I call the real Mexico, mainly because of the little villages though.So the past few days have been really relaxing, I just finished my school work for the month so I got a little break for a couple days, but now I'm starting my Febuary work.We have been alone in the last couple anchorages so we have just really not done much. Except for the anchorage we are curently in, Puerto Balandra, we have been doing a lot. We went for a hike, because in our chart book it says there is a tienda and a little town across the island, so we set off at around two o'clock, at around four we checked the time and found out we had gone about a fifth of the distance we needed to, so we just headed back. Also this morning my brother and I went kyaking throughout the bay for a couple hours, then we were practicly starving to death so we went back to our boat. The last thing we did was go for another hike through the hills, the only difference is this time we actualy got where we were heading, the top of the mountain, which had a great view, then we went back to our boat and Kai made tacos/fajitas.So now I'm going to go watch my second favourite movie: Catch me if you can, with Leonardo Decaprio and Tom Hanks.

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