Friday 31 January 2014

Steak - Kai

                Hello everyone.
                We left Santa Rosalia about three days ago to contiue south. I'm not sure if I liked the town much, because I spent most of the time in the bathroom. I'm not sure where it was that I got sick from, but I think that it was from a taco stand that we went to with a another couple. I thought the Tacos were very good, however, the next morning, I began to feel a bit strange, and it wasn't just me. My dad got something too, but he reacted a bit differently then me. My brother also got it, but not as bad as me. Also, the couple who we'd gone with for tacos felt sick, and the wife got very sick, just as sick as me, if not worse. So this lasted for about one week, and I even through up at one point. The wierd thing was, that during the whole thing, all that I could think about was food, eventhough I barely ate anything at all. I was craving a big steack, garlic bread, and then a huge bowl of pop corn. I was also craving dumplings and sushi.
                After a week, I finally began to feel better, so we were ready to leave Santa Rosalia. As my dad was getting the boat all ready, Liam and I went into town to get some food. We got stuff to make garlic bread, and five steaks, although we weren't sure that thats what kind of meat it actually was.
                So we left Santa Rosalia and went to Punta Chivato. I slept the whole way there. The anchorage was huge, but we were the only ones there. There didn't seem to be much there, expept a landing strip, a lot of half finished buildings, and a hotel. We got of the boat to look around, but there wasn't really anything there, except thousands of washed up shells. One night while we were there, we dicided to have the big meal. I was in charge of the garlic bread, and my dad was grilling the meat on the barbeque. It turned out amazing, and we even had some steak sauce to use. I ate two steaks, and a few peices of garlic bread. I was stuffed. We decided to eat the popcorn the next night, since we were too full.
                After about two days there, we decided to continue south, however, we wanted to try to just use the sails, no engine, even while getting the anchor up. It actually worked, and in no time, we were wizzing along with just the wind. It was pretty nice. We arrived in a large bay called Bahia Concepcion, which has about a dozen anchorages in it. The first one we stopped at was called Santis Pac, and it was pretty big, we were also pretty surprised to see a bunch of RV's on the shore. We got of the boat and looked around, but there wasnt't anything there, and we needed some fresh water. We also realized that my dad could not connect to the internet, so we decided to try another anchorage in the bay. So right now we are in Coyote Beach, and there are still many RV's. Once we arrived, a man swam up  to our boat and invited us to come eat dinner at some restaurant where they would also be showing a movie afterwards, so we went and ordered some fish and then watched the movie.  The fish was really good. Afterwards, we got a ride home with some nice people and then went to sleep.


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