Saturday 25 January 2014

Sick in Sant Rosalia - Peter

So we crossed over the Sea of Cortez. We left late in the afternoon so that we would arrive to the other side during daylight. A night passage. In a switch, Kai got seasick and Liam didn’t. It was a windy passage, with the wind almost on the nose. Kai and Liam were suppose to be on watch until midnight, but becuae Kai was seasick he had to go below to lie down.   Liam insisted on sitting out in the cockpit, but I could not leave him alone. It was nice to have his company, but it meant a long night for me. Because of the wind we arrived early and had to sit off Isla San Marcos for an hour until the sun came up. We anchored early in the morning, but what a desolate island. I had work to do and after finding out that there was no Internet connection, we decided to head over the Santa Rosalia where we have been for the last week. Unfortunately the three of us, and half of the other cruisers on the dock we are on have been sick for most of the time we have been here. Santa Rosalia is one of the nicest towns we have been to. We’ll probably only remember that we were all sick. In any event, everything is going well and we are having a good time. We’ll be leaving here within the next day or so to some deserted anchorage. Kai is doing the dishes while Liam is curled up in my bunk watching a movie on the computer. As Liam just said, ‘this is the life’…

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