Monday 20 January 2014

Being Seasick - Kai

Hello everyone
So we finally left Guaymas, and puttered over to a small marina, about forty minutes from the city. The sailors call it the "Almost free marina" since it costs about three dollars a night. We stayed there for a few nights, doing school work and boat work. We also had to hike to the top of a nearby hill to get internet.
While we were there, my brother and I decided to pump up the dinghy, and ride it around the bay. It was alot of fun, and never got boring. Besides that, there wasn't really anything to do there, as it was pretty much away from anything, except for a fish factory which was on the other side of the hill.
After a few days, we decided that we were ready to cross the sea of cortez to the other side. We also dicided that we would do it in the company of one of our new friends, a couple on a boat called Kashmira. So we left at about four thirty PM, and the seas were perfect at first, but as soon as we passed the point, the waves and the wind became stronger, and I quickly began to feel seasick. It was horrible. Been seasick is probably one of the most horrible feelings in the world. You feel tired, and you want to just sleep, but the second you take your eyes of off the horizon, you begin to feel as if your going to barf. You also lose your appitite, so you have no interest in eating, and you don't feel like talking. You just sit there shivering, with a head ache, trying to keep down your lunch. Luckily, I did not barf, but I almost did. My dad kindly let me go lie in bed for the rest of the night, instead of staying on watch till twelve. However, being in bed didn't really help much either, because even thought I did fall asleep at first, when I woke up, I felt almost as worse as before. All night long, I would go in and out of sleep. I thought I would definitly barf before the morning but I didn't.
The next morning, we arrived in Isla San Marcos, a small anchorage. Even though there was the slightest bit of waves in the anchorage, I still felt pretty seasick from the night before. My dad was unable to connect to the internet, so we dicided to just come over to Santa Rosalia, which took about two hours. On the way we saw our first dolphins, seals, manta rays, and whales of the trip. I was so happy when we arrived here because there is a beakwater, so there are absolutly no waves at all. It took a few days, but thankfully, I feel much better.
This was our first time in Santa Rosalia, and so far we really like it hear. This town was originally a mining town, and still is. It was set up by the french in the 1800's, and Gustof Eiffel (the man who designed the eiffel tower) even designed a church here. If you look around, lots of the old buildings that were used for mining are still around, but falling apart. It looks really cool. So today we spent the day being tourists, and for dinner, we went to an amazing taco place with Kashmira. It was some of the best tacos i've had all trip.A

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