Sunday 12 January 2014

A Week on the hard - Peter

We have been here a week. The  first few days were a blur while we adjusted to being back at the boat. There were a couple of other boaters in the yard that we knew when we arrived, but in the days since we have got to know just about everybody here. New people are arriving at their boats daily, and everone goes out for tacos at the roadside taco stand up the road in the evening. Everyone is getting ready to put their boats in the water and we are all heading the same in the same direction. Once we sail out we will probably bump into people we have met here in anchorages all the way down the Baja.

Kai and Liam are both doing well with their home schooling. They both got into the routine almost immediately. Their days are spent doing their school work, skate boarding, and making meals. They get their own breakfasts, their own lunches, and since we have been here they have taken turns making dinner. And every now and then they help with with boat jobs. Four days of work and we now have a working windlass once again. That was my job and it took all my time, as well as help from half a dozen other boaters over the last few days. Not sure what I would have done without the help of the community here.

Liam sanded the prop on his birthday, and Kai scraped the hull. Tonight Kai is making dinner, and tomorrow they will wash the boat down. At the end of the day the boat will get put in the water, and we will be a floating boat once again. Then everything changes again.

And for the record, the ungodly hour that Kai and Liam are forced to get up is asfter the morning cruisers’ net at 8:30. And the “big tip” I gave the taxi driver amounted to $1.50 Canadian…

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