Tuesday 14 January 2014

Last Day On The Hard- Kai

Hi everyone. Nothing too interesting happened today. So we woke up very early this morning, much earlier then i was ready for, and began our homeschooling, however i was not able to do much since the internet was not working, but I did my art and read a bit of Romeo and Juliet for english, which was torture. I highly recommend not reading it, since it's not very good. I also don't recommend watching the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, since it is equally as bad.
So after that work, my father demanded that we scrub the boat down in the sweltering heat. I also had to do a bit of work with my dad on the anchor chain.
Unfortunatly, no skateboarding was allowed that day, so nothing very fun happened, except for our farewell to the little puppy, Peanut. We were very sad to say bye, and i'm sure she felt the same way about us leaving. I believe I heard a soft cry of sadness come from her as we left.
So once all the work was done, the big machine came, picked us up, and put us in the water. It definitly feels a lot nicer to be floating in the water, instead of in the smelly yard. For dinner, we had some pasta, and then I was told to do the dishes. Tonight i'll be watching a movie on my computer but im not sure what yet. Bye.

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