Wednesday 22 January 2014

Resturant Drama - Liam

Since the last blog I posted, the highlight for me has been crossing the Sea of Cortez. Although my brother got sea sick so it was a completely different story for him. For me that passage was what I came to Mexico for, sitting out in the cockpit with the wind blowing in my face as Coldplay blasted through the speakers looking at the stars, I could go on about it but I’d probably bore you guys. After the passage we got up early in the morning to anchor at Isla San Marcos, but we left a couple hours later to go to Santa Rosalia, which is where we have been for the last few days. It’s a nice town, not one of my favourites but still fun to be in (mainly because of the food). There are a few other cruisers here which we have been going out for dinner with, one of the nights we got meter long pizzas at a restaurant. Because of all this unhealthy food I have been going for runs in the morning on the malacon, which is very exciting because I get to run next to the sea lions and dolphins. The other night when we were at the restaurant eating meter long pizzas, my dad went to the bathroom and was taking a long while so I began to get worried, so my brother and I went to check up on him. Through the glass door we could vaguely see him on the floor, so we just thought he had probably eaten to much or got food poisoning, so we told the other cruisers. A while later he came out and told us that he was stomach sick, but hadn’t thrown up, the main problem was that when he got in the bathroom he passed out. We then told him that there was a cut and a bump on his forehead that he wasn’t aware of, that he must have got from hitting the floor. We are still completely clueless of how it happened, but he feels better. So that’s basically it everyone, stay tuned for next time.


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