Tuesday 14 January 2014

Maiden Voyage

I may aswell just say that all of my blog posts are going to be rather short, one of the reasons is because I would much rather be watching a movie right now, unless of course I was getting paid for this which I am not, another reason is because, well there arent really any other reasons. The next day after my last post, we decided to go walk around the sports track where I joined a soccer team two years ago, hoping that we might find them. We didnt, but as we were walking off four kids my age called me over to play with them, so I did. I played for about an hour with the locals, which was really fun, but then we left and went back to the boat. The most exciting part of the trip so far happened last night, we were put into the water!! After ten days of hard work on the boat, it was finaly a real floating boat. The bad part though was that it was the first day of a very bad windstorm, which is currently still happening as I type this, it was fine though. This morning we did our first passage which was just twenty minutes long across the bay to a marina. Since then not much has happened besides groceries, and my brother and I skateboarded with some locals, but other then that not much. I am going to go watch a movie now, I think Ill watch Run Fat Boy Run.

Bye, Liam.

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