Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Taxi Ride From Jesus- Kai

Today was another day of work on the boat, but we didn't spend the whole day working. We woke up after a long and cold, cold night, and quickly ate up our breakfasts. By brother and I began our home schooling, while my dad worked away at the engine and the battery. At certain points my brother and I helped out around the boat, like taking out the garbage, helping make sure the engine was still working and even helping with the pee bucket. While we were running the engine, some old man made a joke by saying that the boat would go faster if it was actually in the water. It was a very amusing joke.
After we were done all our work, we decided to eat lunch. I had a tasty noodle soup, while my brother ate three hot dogs, and my dad ate a plain old sandwich. I decided to do some art before we headed into town, since I was unable to skateboard after bruising my tail bone from falling a few days earlier.
So we caught the bus into town and walked around a bit, getting lots of attention from the locals, i'm sure, with Liam's blonde hair, my shorts, and all of our sandals. We found a nice little restaurant to eat some tacos and bean juice, (Yes, bean juice. It was actually pretty good.) and then headed to the groceries to buy a bit more food.
We decided to take a taxi back, instead of the bus, since we had groceries, and weren't one hundred percent sure were to catch it. So we loaded up the groceries and began our way back. Right away, the driver began to talk to the three of us in the little english he spoke. He said that his name was Jesus, which is pretty common in Mexico. His english was actually pretty good, since there are almost zero gringos in Guaymas. However, he did make a few mistakes, such as telling us that his son was forty seven, when he was only about forty, but besides that, it was pretty good. Once we arrived at the boat, my dad decided to give him a large tip, since he'd been so kind.
That night I continued my art, and know it's movie time. My brothers watching Monsters Inc. and I will be watching A Clockwork Orange.

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