Monday 6 January 2014

Leaving Canada-Liam

After about three years of waiting for this moment to go back to the boat, it finally happened, but at five in the morning. We walked out to the taxi as the ice froze my face, and then once we arrived at the bus depo, we waited for around an hour. The bus ride was only around three hours, and the lake was covered in steam and fog, which gave off a very unique look. 
We had heard about the snow storm currently hitting Boston, which was a threat to us, because our connection flight to Phoenix Arizona was Boston. But when we got to the Buffalo airport, they told us that instead of our flight being delayed or canceled, it was actually advanced by around three hours, but still had to wait those three extra hours in Boston. The flight was less then an hour, and the flight to Phoenix was five and a half hours, so it was around eleven once we arrived at our hotel in Phoenix, feeling like one due to time change.
The next afternoon at twelve thirty we got on the Tufesa bus, and left on a ten hour ride to Guaymas where our boat is currently kept on the hard. But along the way, when we stopped at the border, or should I say when we didn't stop at the border things began to go wrong. The security came on and told us something in Spanish that we had no clue what he was saying, so we didn't do anything. After that the bus pulled away, without having to get off or fill out our immigration documents. This began to worry us, because if these documents weren't filled out, we would illegally be in Mexico. My dad asked a lady that spoke little English where we would get these documents done, she thought we were asking where to get food, so she just casually answered next stop. Once we got to the next stop my dad found out that if we were to not get these documents done we could be fined, or kicked out of the country. But luckily at the next stop we were able to get the documents filled out, but held up the bus for around half an hour. We arrived at the boat late at night, and since the next morning, we have just been fixing up the boat and getting  it ready.

So now I have to go clean my bunk, its already filthy believe it or not, and then I'm going to watch a movie, Liam.

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  1. Great, just love it. I hope you are enjoying yourself, you should, it is hell here with the weather. Love you Mamie and take good care of yourself.