Thursday 13 March 2014

The End - Liam

Our trip has come to an end back on the hard in Guaymas. Forcing ourselves
to bring it back up instead of taking it to Central America due to lack of
time was hard, but like we’ve said every trip, "next time." Leaving the boat
means big work time, so that we can get it ready for us to return to Canada,
but also keep it in shape for when we return next trip. Getting the boat
ready doesn’t only mean full clean up, but put everything away including
kayaks and dinghy. Once the trip is over you start to really appreciate
everything that has just happened, for example I will be returning to a
minus thirty climate after being in above thirty for two months. One of the
main highlights for me was the fishing, although I was only able to catch
two edible fish, the time spent was worth all of the fun. We will be back in
Toronto next Thursday, goodbye and farewell fellow followers.

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