Sunday 4 September 2011

Kai - Northen Ontario

                The morning after the thunderstorm,  we woke to find everything soaked. The chairs, the tents, and everything on our table. We packed all of our muddy gear and then took off as soon as we could. Nothing really happened at all that day except for the long drive. Our only stop was in Thunder Bay, where we went to Subway for dinner. That restaurant is always good.
                After Thunder Bay we kept driving until we decided to go to this place called Sleeping Giant that was way out in Lake Superior. On the drive there, we saw a little cute porcupine. I wanted to go hug it, but I knew that that would result in extreme pain. So I let it be.

                 We picked a campsite that was right in front of a lake and had a great view. While we were there, we decided that Sleeping Giant was our favourite campground yet. The water was warm and for once it wasn’t buggy! So we put up our tents and then had a nice fire.

                That night, when Liam and I were in the tent, we saw the shadow of what looked like a deer outside of our tent. It had four skinny legs and it looked like it kept bending over to get grass, and also it was making a weird noise, but eventually we fell asleep.

                The next morning, we woke to find our dad yelling “Get up, get up quick we need to go!” We got up and found that it was raining there was thunder. So we packed our bags and were about to leave when it suddenly stopped. So we went on a quick hike there and then left.

                On the drive, we stopped for my dad to get coffee from a truck stop. He said it tasted horrible. After a bit of driving, we came to a lookout where I had had my picture taken when just me and my dad went across Canada. So we took another picture. After that we stopped at a really nice beach for about fifteen minutes. We walked up and down and then got back into the car. We drove all the way to Wawa and got my second picture with the goose.

                After all that entertainment, we went to a campsite at rabbit lake. It was fairly nice. We sat by the lake, had dinner had a fire and then went to sleep.

Se ya tomorrow!


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