Sunday 4 September 2011

Liam - Mayhem throughout the streets

Mayhem throughout the streets.

We woke up in the morning, and everything was soaked, so we quickly packed up, and left.

The first thing we did that day, was eat a rip off lunch in a place called Sault Saint Marie, right across the river from the U.S.A.

After that we went for gas at the gas station, and then kept driving.

We kept driving to Sudbury, and decided to come straight back to Toronto, so we got a pizza at, PIZZA PIZZA!!!!

Then we went to see a big nickel, that was made, because they mine nickel there.

Then we drove for a long time on the highway. It was really nice, we were the only car on the road, and there was very nice scenery.

When we arrived in Barrie, it started raining really hard, we could hardly see, then there was a lot of lightning. Everyone on the highway was going very slow, everyone had their emergency lights on, and there were a lot of people pulling over to the side of road, so we did aswell.

There was a radio antenna around three hundred metres from us, and you could see the lightning hitting it,  after it hit it, you could see smoke rising from it.

After we pulled over we went back on the road, we were worried we might get hit by a car.

Finally the storm passed, so it was a nice drive the rest of the way.

When we got back, it was 12:00 PM, we parked the car at our grandmas and then walked back, and that was the end of our trip.



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