Thursday 1 September 2011

Kai - Saskatchewan

Wednesday 31 August

                We started our morning with a swarm of wasps. It was a huge effort, trying to eat our breakfast, and putting away our tents, but we were extremely thankful when we finally left. The camp ground was really far out of our way so it took quite a while to get back on the road, and once we got there, we had to stop to get gas and for my dad to get his coffee. When we were pulling into the gas station, we saw a little cute prairie dog! It was the first time Liam has ever seen one. After that we went to a Walmart. We bought groceries and we looked around a bit. On the way out we saw some people sleeping in a tent in the parking lot. Who knows why though.

                We drove for quite a while, and the next big town we got to was Moose Jaw. We all thought, “who would want to name a town Moose Jaw?” We just drove through it though. After Moose Jaw, we got to Regina. The view of the city from the highway wasn’t very nice because they were working on the highway and there were lots of dump trucks. We only stopped for a minute and then kept driving through the flat prairies until we finally came to Manitoba. It was Liam’s first time. Right when we got in, we went straight to a visitor centre to find out about camping. The women told us to go to the Four Seasons Resort by Oak lake.

                It was about thirty minutes to get there and it was on an island. when we got there we paid, put up the tents, got wood, and then Liam and I got slushies and then drank them around our small fire. Liam and I then went to bed.

Good night.


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