Tuesday 30 August 2011

Liam - Prarie madness

We got up in the morning at the dinosaur provincial park, and decided to stay another day. We started looking for a different camp site to move to, because we had no shade, while we were looking we decided not to stay another day, so we went back to our camp site.
Before we left,  we went on some trails through the provincial park. It was hot, and there wasn’t anything to do with dinosaurs, it was kind of weird.

On our way out we stopped at a visitor center. Inside there were skeletons of dinosaurs, and it was the first time I’ve ever seen a sign that said, please touch.

We weren’t shore if we were going to make it too a gas station, because we were really low on fuel, but a nice gentlemen gave us fifty dollars worth of fuel, so we were all good.
The only highlight of the trip was crossing the border into Saskatchewan. There wasn’t anything else exciting, When we got there it was late so we quickly got the tents up.
We were pretty much getting eaten alive, there were mosquitoes everywhere, so we went to ask for some mosquito spray.

After that we had dinner, we had hot dogs, and it was gross, it was covered in bugs.

After that we went to bed, and then THE END.


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