Friday 26 August 2011

Kai - Thursday

Thursday 25

      The next day of our road trip began with a sunny morning in Osoyoos at about eight o’clock. We heaved ourselves up, then ate breakfast, put away the tents, and then set out for another long day.
      We stopped at the information center to ask about where we could go fruit picking, because we didn't want to get out of the Okanogan valley without having picked any fruits. The information women wasn't much help, but she did give us a map with some camping spots, which we took and then headed off. Not long after we'd departed, we found a "U PICK" fruit and vegetable orchard, so we pulled in.
      Once there, we got a bucket and picked Plums, Nectarines, Apples, Sweet peppers, Tomatoes, and Green beans. Some of the plums were incredibly sweet and juicy, so we took about nine of those. One thing I learned about Peppers is that all the red and green and purple peppers eventually turn orange, so they're all the same kind. After we were done our picking we went to pay. It came to about ten dollars for a big box. It was all delicious.
      After our picking, we drove until we came to a small town called Oliver. It was a nice little area, but we drove through it pretty quickly.

      After Oliver, we came to Penticton. On our way into town, we saw a go cart track, so we decided to stop. We got out to check the prices, and our dad said we could do it. Liam and I were both tall enough so we headed out to the track. The guy explained it all and before we knew it, we were slamming down on the gas pedal.
      It was soooo much fun. Liam and I were the only ones doing it, so we had the whole track to ourselves. Our dad was taking pictures, but we were flying past him. We got twelve laps which was about five minutes, and after those five minutes was up, Liam and I both had a big smile on our faces. It was great.
      After that event, we started driving to Kelowna, but while we were somewhere in between, the engine stopped. AGAIN, and since we were on the highway, we didn't have much room to pull over. So we ended up just sitting there for about twenty minutes until the car suddenly started working again, so we decided to go to a Dodge dealership to see what they could do. Once we got into their parking lot, the engine stopped again! So we went inside and asked the guy if he knew what was wrong, and he said if we brought it in tomorrow, they could check it out, but it would be pricy. Once we were in the car (it turned on fine) we thought we'd just go to the next camping spot.
      So we drove for about an hour until we found the next camping spot, and when we did, we turned in for the night.
      This campsite had much more room then yesterdays, and we had lots of shade. Once there my dad disconnected the U-Haul and went into town to get food while Liam and I made the tents. Once he got back we went for a swim in Lake Okanogan and then had hamburgers for dinner.
      Now we are going to bed and we will be waking up at seven tomorrow, hoping to reach Alberta.
      Good Night

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  1. Hi Guys! It's great to hear from you again. Have a wonderful time.