Saturday 27 August 2011

Liam - The Marmot


The highlight of the day was seeing a marmot on the way back from swimming in the lake. It was super cute, it was small and fluffy, I wanted to go pick it up, and cuddle with it.

 I usually feel bad for all the trucks that we see that have to slow up the mountains because there so big , it must take them hours to get up the rocky mountains.

Early the next morning we left to go to Banf Alberta, but we ended up in a place called Revelstoke.

We went to the visitor center to see where to camp, and we went to a camp site called blanket creek with a bear warning.

We drove to the campsite, but to get there, you have swerve back and forth  two kilometres down a mountain to get to the campsite.

After  we chose our spot, we  went down to a little lake to see what it was like, and it was tiny, but it was nice. Then we came back to have lunch and get bug spray on.

Later we went to an old abandoned house to explore and then we went to the beach.

In the water there were little salamanders so I would catch them and put them in holes in the ground.

Before we left we let the salamanders go, and we played some soccer for a bit, and then we left. On the way back we saw two great horned owls flying from tree to tree, that was my highlight of the day. Then we went back to our camp sight, and then I started this blog.

That’s the end, so good bye till another day.

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