Wednesday 24 August 2011

Liam - The begining

Our adventure across Canada started by leaving Saltspring Island.
We drove to the ferry terminal for our last minutes on the island. then got on the ferry.

It was  a normal ride on the ferry, nothing special. We just got some food, and then sat down for the rest of the ride.

When we got to Vancouver we drove for three hours to a town called Hope. It was a nice drive next to the mountains, there was nice scenery.

When we got there it was too late to set our tents up, so we had to sleep in a motel.

We left pretty early the next morning. We drove for around  twenty minutes, and then saw an avalanche lookout, to look at an avalanche that destroyed a lot of land around 50 years ago.

Just as we were turning in, the car stopped, so we got out and looked at the engine. We thought it might have over heated from going up the hill with the u-haul, so we left it there and then looked at the avalanche, there was a lot of rocks everywhere, it was pretty cool.

When we came back to the car, we tried turning it on, but it didn’t work. We thought the car was broken, and it would be the end of the trip.

My dad changed one of the fuse’s, and then it started. We were able to drive for around twenty minutes again before it broke down. This time it wasn’t very long before the engine started again. Of course, it stopped twenty minutes later again for the third time, but this time, it was stopped for a really long time. A guy pulled off from the highway to help, so then finally it worked.

We stopped at a little place in the middle of nowhere for travelers, we got a sandwiches and then left.

It was really cool driving through the forest, and then into the desert.

We stopped at  a place called Princeton, to get the car checked, but they weren’t able to figure out what was wrong, so we kept on driving to a place called Osoyoos in the Okanagan valley, it was really nice there. We went to check out a really nice resort, but it was full, so we had to go to another resort.

When we got to the camp site we set up the tents, and we went for a swim. After that we had dinner, and then we went to bed.

The next morning we got up and decided to stay another day.

We went for a hike to a visitor center up in the desert, but it cost money to go any further, so we came back down and went for a swim.

After that we cleaned out our car, had dinner, and then went to the beach again.

When we came back I started on this blog, and then went to bed.

So that’s all, it’s over, you may as well go do your typical day again.


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  1. Hello mon amour,

    It was so nice to finally hear from you. This trip sounds wonderful, lucky you. I was your stay on Salt Spring, what did you do while you were there? Where did you stay?

    Last Saturday I went to a whale watching tour, we passed in front of the place we took pictures. Remember the place called La Pocatière where we stopped to take pictures before heading back to Quebec because we took the wrong side of the road. So the excursion was one hour away from that place. We did not see many but they were very near the boat and we got to see them for a long time, they came out of the water many many times before diving in. It was a fun day but a little long. I left home at 7:00 a.m. and came back at 11:45 p.m.

    I will probably be at your place when you come back from your trip. I will be there on September 1 at around dinner time and coming back on Tuesday morning. I will be there for your first day of class and Buzz too.

    See you soon, and have a great trip back.