Sunday 11 July 2010

Kai - Boat Friends


We are not in Nopolo anymore. We stayed there the night and woke up
really early to go on an eight hour passage. We played, did music and
fished. We couldn't sail because the wind was coming out of the wrong
direction. While we were under way, I hooked a fish but it got off the line
and we didn't know what it was.
When we got closer to shore we changed plans and decided to go to
Caleta Partida because our boat friends, "Rosinanta" and "Watcha' Gonna Do"
were there. So we anchored there.
First we went dinghy trolling but didn't catch anything. Liam hooked
a lady fish but it got away. We had tostadas for dinner and then Harrison on
Watcha' Gonna Do came over. We looked at our Lego magazines and then headed
over to Rosinanta's to play music. Larry on the their boat has an acoustic
and electric guitar, so my dad and Larry took turns. The mom on Watcha'
Gonna Do made some brownies and also brought pretzels. It was really fun.
After Watcha' Gonna Do left we just chatted for about another hour,
and then went back to our boat and went to sleep.
The next morning we all decided to head over Ensenada Grande for the
day. First we went out into the ocean until by dad's internet thing started
working. It worked a little and then we headed back. Watcha' Gonna Do was
already on their way. We got to the anchorage, cleaned up, did a little bit
of homeschooling and we are going to be going over to Watcha' Gonna Do.

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