Sunday 11 July 2010

Liam-Leaving Friends

When we went to Watcha Gunna Do we played Lego the hole time. We built a
really cool marina with a dock, and it had a fuel dock, Mini Tienda, and a
Restaurant with Bathroom.

It was really cool.

Then we went to collect would for a bonfire while some of the kids went up
for a hike.

There was a an eight year old girl named Elstasha on a boat called Theopolis
and Harrison and Daniel on Watcha Gunna Do, and a girl from Madrid Spain, so
all the kids were there.

Then we went back to our boat for dinner.

After dinner we went to the beach, we were the first people there. Then
Rocinante came, then Watcha Gunna Do, then Theopolis and then the Spanish
girl. We lit the bonfire.

We had a great time, we went exploring around the rocks while the Grownups
sat around the fire singing and playing the guitar.

Then we were playing around the fire eating stuff like Cheezies and
Pretzels. We had our own little fires on the side that we would try to

We had a great time.

The next day we got up, had breakfast and then went fishing. Harrison and
Elstasha were in one dingy with Harrison's dad while my brother Kai and I
went with our dad in our dingy.

They caught one skip jack and one Snapper. We didn't catch anything.

After that we left. We went fishing but didn't catch anything on the way to
La Paz either.

We saw a ton of dolphins.

It was a four hour passage, so by the time we got there we were all up for

We all got tacos and then we went for a walk on the Malaccan. There was a
little soccer match that they put gates around and then people that signed
up for the soccer played. Then I went to play soccer with Mexicans, while we
were playing there were fireworks in the distance, it wasn't for anything
special, they just do stuff every Saturday.

Then we walked back.

The next day I got ready for the World Cup final, Spain Vs. Holland. I was
cheering for Holland because my aunt is from Holland.

I cleaned my Holland shirt and painted the flag on my face.

We got to the place we were supposed to watch the match but there was only
like four people so we went somewhere else.

When we got there we sat down and ordered.

When the game started in was really exciting but there was only one goal in
the whole game, and it was to Spain. I guy called Iniesta scored it.

Then I played some soccer. And then we left to another spot in La Paz.

Now Shoo

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