Thursday 1 July 2010

Kai - Rock and Brew

Hi Everyone
We have been anchored in Bahia Marquer for quite a while now. "Rocky
and Brew," our friends came in with us and we went snorkelling with them
yesterday. There weren't too many fish, and I got cold pretty fast. We then
decided to go hiking later on, after we went fishing of the dinghy, but we
couldn't find the pliers, (which I found today) so we didn't go.
After we were all in the dinghy we headed for shore to go hiking
with half the dinghy sinking, because a few days ago, we got a hole in the
dinghy so we've been sealing the hole with duck tape.
We got to shore and started walking through the dried bushes and
cactuses. We talked about things, took pictures, and decided that we would
go over to Rocky and Brew and watch "A series of unfortunate events."
Once it started getting to hard to walk, so we headed back. On the
way we went inside a big cave in the mountain. It was in complete shade and
it seemed that it was a bit cooler. The floor was covered in nice cold sand,
and on either side there were even smaller caves that looked like beds. I
could have slept there. But Liam also found some skin and bones.
After we climbed back down, we headed back to the dinghy and then to
our boats. On the way there, me and my dad jumped in the water and pulled
the dinghy to the boat. The water was really refreshing but I got stung by
sea-lice. They sting a bit but not as much as jelly fish. So I got out.
When it started getting cooler we headed over to Rocky and Brew.
First we had some mango juice, and then we started watching the movie. It
was really good, and when we left it was very late.
This morning we did homeschooling and then went snorkelling one last
time with Bill on Rocky and Brew, there weren't too many fish but to me it
felt a lot warmer.
When we got back to the boat, Liam and I went outside and tried to
cook cheese by putting it on metal and then we used a magnifying glass to
cook. It kind of worked, but we stopped as we waved Rocky and Brew of.
Tonight while I was eating dinner, one of my wiggly teeth came out.
It feels pretty weird.

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