Thursday 5 January 2012

Forts and Pizzas


                Good morning peoples! It is Thursday today and we are still in Guaymas. Yesterday morning began with Liam and I working on our home school. We did that for a few hours while my dad did work. We recently realized that our windless (a machine that drops and raises the anchor) wasn’t working very well, so my dad spent most of his day working on that.
                Later my brother and I spent most of our day reading. Eventually we got board and got of the boat. We decided to go around the yard finding scrap pieces of metal and wood to make a fort. It took me about an hour to complete mine, although my brother still had to work on his. That night when my dad was making eggs for dinner, we noticed that a bag of groceries we had bought the day before, was mysteriously missing! We had no idea what had become of this poor old bag of groceries, but we soon decided to move on from this tragic event. We ate our dinner in sadness. Now if I could get all who are reading this to stop for a moment and close their eyes. Think of this  beautiful bag of groceries that has helped our life in so many ways. We shall remember you to the day we die. We will dream about you and write poems about the amazing life you had, and how your legend will go down in history. Just like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Thank you for helping us through the good and bad times. You shall live on!!!!!!   
                After dinner, we began to play a geography card game that Liam had received from his teacher in Toronto. Liam won and I lost. L After wards we went to sleep.
                The next morning Liam and I read some more, and then ate or delicious apple flavoured cheerio’s. After we did some more home schooling, my dad went into town with some other people to see if he could get someone to fix the windless motor, which he brought with him. Liam and I played on the computer while he was gone. When he got back, about an hour later, the three of us caught a bus and rode it to the sports centre. They have tons of soccer fields, there’s basketball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, volley ball, boxing, and baseball diamonds. Liam was desperate to play some soccer with the natives, so he got my dad to go beg the coach of a soccer team to let Liam play. As he did so, a group of curious youngsters gathered into a clump to stare at my father. Eventually the coach agreed to let my brother play and said he could also come along on Saturday to play a real game. After we walked back to our boat in the dark. When we got back, my dad made us some delicious pizza. I then began to do the blog which I am doing now.
                Good bye peoples.     

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  1. I'm really sorry about the groceries. I had a bag like that once, too. (Sigh)