Saturday 7 January 2012

Soccer with the 'natives'

 We got up 2012-01-07, and did homeschooling, so nothing interesting.

Later that day I built buildings out of paper, and my brother drew my detailed childhood from age one to twenty.

After that, we helped my dad try out the engine and put the sails up to make sure they are ok.

We didn’t do very much that day, mainly because we were working on parts of the boat, and doing the same things all day.

The next morning we got up and had pancakes for breakfast, then we went to my soccer game to play with the natives.

On our way to the game, we say a stray native, hunting for her daily meal.

When we got there, everyone came up to great me, and then we started practicing for the game.

The first half I got to see how good the other kids really were, some of them you could see needed improvement, and others could score from a volley, and then  down and in off the crossbar.

At half time one of the natives decided to spend it staring at my brother and dad, while he drank his water.

At the end we lost, and didn’t get what we were hoping for, but at least I scored a goal.

Later that day we went to have lunch, and then we got haircuts, oh yeah, and then we got some groceries, and somehow, just somehow, that one tiny speck was right, the speck of the percentage of us getting the same taxi driver back to our boat somehow won.

Later that day I made hotdogs with melted cheese for dinner, and then I had to sit down, and spend my time getting my mind together, just so I could right this blog, so all you people out there reading this, you should be grateful I have done this.

And there, just like that, all that thinking I put into this is now done and turned into this masterpiece, so can you just go mind your own business while I put another one together.

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