Wednesday 11 January 2012

Our First Passage

                Hello. How are you. Today is Wednesday day and we are finally in the water at a marina across the bay. We left the other marina this morning and we are now at a proper dock. We were put in the water at 3 pm yesterday, and then tied the boat of at this little dock thing for the night. There had been much preparation that day to make the boat ship-shape. We needed to take out the garbage, hose down the boat, charge the batteries, fill up the water tanks, and put away anything lying around above and below deck. After we done all the jobs that needed doing, a large crane/car came and lifted up our boat. It carried it down to the water and then gently put it in. after that a man offered to drive us to Liam’s soccer practise even though it had started about an hour ago. We went anyways. 
                Not much had the days before that, but I will inform you anyways.
                I woke up Monday morning in the front bunk with two blankets and four pillows, not because I’m greedy, but the last few nights have been surprisingly cold! A couple nights ago I was forced to wear jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and my wooly socks, and I was still cold. Although the blankets kept me warm all night long. Anyways, when I woke, I decided to read some of  my novel. I ate breakfast and then did some school work. We had to scan all the work I had done so far and then send it to my teachers so that they could grade it.
                After we did some homeschooling my dad got a ride with someone going into town so that he could do some errands. While he was gone, me and my brother noticed another kid in the yard. A girl, so we decided to spy on her. Eventually my dad got back so we got off the boat and kept spying. Eventually we got bored so we gave up. Later on we went to Liam’s soccer practice which lasted a couple of hours. After that we caught the bus back and had a very very very very very very very very very cozy cold night.


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