Tuesday 17 January 2012

The intercepted passage

I’m not sure what the date is, so I will just put it as march,21, 3072

In the marina that we just arrived in, we were getting ready to go on a five day passage without going to land, far down south. One of the days we  were there we went to another one of my games with the natives, and won 7-0.

After we were all ready we left the marina on Sunday, accompanied by another sail boat, named princess Edvana, or so we thought. We left the bay with them and could see them until a couple hours before night fall, when they got too far off and starting heading in a different course to where they were going.

The seas where calm the first day at a height of one to two feet, and the night was calm with the same. My brother and I would do the day watches while my dad slept, because he would stay up all night to watch. The second day the seas were calm, but it wasn’t smooth sailing until the news came in, that the seas were going to be rough the next couple days, which meant that we had to pull into Topolobampo to wait for the weather to get better so we could go.

We decided to put out some fishing lines for the last few hours, but were unfortunate, and got only bites from birds, but luckily were not hooked on.

When we were pulling into the bay of Topolobampo it got pretty rocky with waves three to five feet but we got in, unharmed. That day we just pulled in, and continued sink the Bismarck, zat iz good.

The next day, which is today to the day I am writing this, we went into town to explore. The guy that works in the marina gave us a lift into town on his truck, and when I say on, I literally mean on. We went to a fishing store, and I got some line, and some leaders. Then we went grocery shopping, and carried the groceries back to the boat.

For dinner we had tacos that my dad made, then, lucky you, I sat down, being forced to do the blog, and my intelligent brain wrote this amazing blog.

So now could you just go mind your own business, and go let me watch a movie.



  1. For a guy that wants us to mind our own biz, you sure tell us a lot about yours.

  2. Me? I'm living in a little hacienda called El Pueblo, somewheres in North America. Warm and Balmy here. And there's a Beach.