Tuesday 3 January 2012

Hooray Day!

Hello ladies and gentlemen

On Monday we got up and did our homeschooling, hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then when we were done, we went grocery shopping, hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First we took the bus into town and went to the bank, there was a really big line up to use the ATM.
After that we went to a taco stand on the side of the road, but it turns out they were out of tacos, so we had hot dogs.

Then we went grocery shopping, hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While we were in the grocery store some random Mexican guy came up to me and started calling my name, so I walked off.

When we finished we got a taxi, and it took the driver so long to figure out where we were going, but finally he found out.

When we got back we put the groceries up on the boat, and then we got some chips from the store at the top of the road.

When we got back I took a shower, it was freezing, then when I tried to turn it off it didn’t, so we had to get the guard to try to fix it, but it turns out I broke it.

The next day is today, but tomorrow it will be yesterday, so let’s  just put it this way, it is 2012-01-03.

We got up and did homeschooling, hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that is why I am doing this blog right now, and I am now done, hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you mind? I’m done, so go of and enjoy your day, mind your own bisness.


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  1. I wish we had home schooling when I was a lad. Instead... our teacher would beat the lesson into us with a mallet. Be thankful!