Friday 18 June 2010

Attack of the Navy

We left La Paz after worrying we were going to stay there much longer. We
came into the fuel dock, went to the restaurant and watched Spain vs.
Switzerland,(1-0 Switzerland) then set off to El Mezteno, Espiritu Santo.

About 5 minutes after I put my line in we saw a panga coming straight
towards us. But when it got to us it was actually the Navy so I brought my
line in. There were 4 guys, one came on board and made sure we had papers
for the boat and that we had safety equipment, and we were all good. At
first we thought that they were asking for fishing license. When we left we
took pictures of them. Then we saw them going to all the other boats.

After they left we put our lines back in.

About 4 hours later we got to El Mezteno with no fish on the hook. We got
there and had pizza for dinner.
(Nothing happened in the next couple hours)

The next day we got up and then went over to Isla Partida. When got there we
got there we went for a swim, it was pretty cold, but worth it.

Then we got the kayaks pumped up, and my brother and I went around half of
the bay and went in all the little caves and coves.

I while after we brought the kayaks back to the boat, and we went for a
swim. Then we had dinner.

After we watched a show called Monty Pythons.

(well come on, it's over, good bye.

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