Tuesday 22 June 2010

Hello - Kai

Hi every one.

We are still in Agua Verde. We were supposed to leave today, but we
decided to just hang around for another day.
Yesterday we went fishing. Liam caught two bass and two Trigger
Fish. We kept one trigger fish, and our boat friends, Jacaranda had it for
lunch. We also got fans hooked up in mine and Liam's bedroom. It is really
nice to have them.
We also moved to an anchorage on the other side of the bay, because
the winds started coming from the north. We had dinner there, and then
Jacaranda came over for a drink. Linda gave us a knot book, and she let us
borrow a book about the stars. Once they left, we all went to sleep.
The next morning, we woke up at eight to go to shore so we could
watch the soccer game, Mexico Vs Uruguay. Some locals let us into their
house to watch the game. I didn't watch too much. I mostly read my magazine.
Apparently Uruguay won one-zero. Liam said it was a very exciting match.
After we went to a little store and bought a drink and chips, and then
headed back to the boat for lunch.
We were going to have our fish we caught, but Jacaranda told us it
was probably too old. We agreed they were probably right, so we went out to
try to catch lunch. We were out there for about an hour. I didn't catch
anything, but Liam caught five fish. A Bass, a Lady fish, a Barracuda, and
two Needle fish. We didn't keep any. While we were trying to get the hook
out of the Barracuda, my dad accidentally dropped the pliers, so Chuck on
Jacaranda came to help us. He also went fishing too, and caught two
Cabrilla, and a big Skip Jack. He didn't keep any. So we went back and had
eggs with bacon instead. While we were gone, two new boat came in, so there
are four boat's anchored here. One is called V'ger, but I don't know the
name of the other one.
After we are done the homeschooling, we are going to go snorkelling
with Linda on Jacaranda. She was the first person that went snorkelling with
us, so she should now a lot about the fish.
Tonight we are going to watch Monty Python, our favourite!

Hasta Luego!


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