Tuesday 29 June 2010

Kai - Hello

Hello everyone.

We left Puerto Escondido today. We had been there for quite a while. We met some kids at the marina, but we never talked to each other, well, I said sorry when I tripped over their computer cord. My dad also got stung by a bee in the mouth when he was drinking his beer.

We also met Bill again on "Rocky and Brew." His girl friend came down and we all took their rental car to Loreto. The high way was really thin, and Bill said that sometimes cows walk out onto the road. The drive was about twenty minutes and the view was really nice,

First they took us to a Sunday Market. We walked around and we bought new pliers, because a Mexican Barracuda made us drop the old ones when we were trying to get the hook out.

We also bought lots of fresh fruits. Mangos, Bananas, plums, grapes, and apples. We had some of the bananas plums and grapes today.

After we drove around, and we did a bit more groceries shopping. We bought drinks, hotdogs, chips, and beer. After we went to a really good taco restaurant. I had fish and beef tacos. They were great! Then we started walking around a church and checked it out, but we didn't go in. Then we got ice cream. I don't know the name of what I had, but it was rainbow coloured and it was good.

After we were all done we went back to our boats.

Today we got ready to leave. We cleaned up and Liam and I made lunch. (Grilled cheese sandwich). While we were getting everything ready on deck, a really big Whale Shark swam right next to our boat! It was really cool!

After we were all ready, we went to the dock and filled the water tanks up, and Liam and I had a last swim in the pool while my dad sat with everyone else, and then we left.

We motored across the channel to an anchorage, but it was full, so we motored about another thirty minutes to where we are now. We had noodles for dinner and now we are going to watch an old funny doctor who with Mr. Bean tonight. It is called: "The Curse of Fatal Death."


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