Friday 11 June 2010

Kai - Ordinary Day


Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. We did fishing, reading, homeschooling,
and I got a bucket of salt water spilt on my bed. We out the cushion outside
to dry, and Liam and I built forts underneath it. After dinner we went
fishing but didn't catch anything.
Early this morning, we woke up to go in the dinghy to a hotel to
watch the first world cup game, but we realized it was too far so we turned
back and listened to the game on a radio on my dad's computer, while eating
eggs and bacon. Today we are going to make my bed again, clean up, do
homeschooling, and maybe explore the beach. We also bought some fans, and we
are hoping to get them connected in mine and Liam's bunk. Last trip it was
so hot, it was unbearable, but lately it has not been too bad, but it will
probably get worse.
Well I don't really have anything else to say. Hope to see you all
Oh, and this is a picture of some other kids we met in La Cruz

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