Monday 21 June 2010


Sorry but one day was kind of missed . We came to Agua Verde and on the way
I caught a skip jack tuna.

We were supposed to go to a place called Los Gatos but it was to choppy.

In Agua Verde we got a call on the VHF radio from our friends on a boat
called Jacaranda, they were in the bay that's about 15 minutes away from us,
so we went there. When we got there we kayaked to Jacaranda and said hi.
Then we went to the other boat called Masquerade to say hi because they're
friends of Jacaranda, and there was an eight year old girl. Then we went
kayaking with them.

While we were kayaking a manta ray kept swimming from kayak to kayak
underneath. We kayaked for about an hour and a half.

When we got back we had lunch, then we got a call from Jacaranda to see if
we would go fishing, so we went. We went with Chuck in his dingy, while
Masquerade went in their dingy.

We first went to some little rocks that were sticking out of the water and I
got a really big bight but the fish got away. Then I caught a grouper, about
half a mitre. Then we crossed the bay and my brother caught a cabrilla on
the other side but it was to small so we let it go, then we went further on
and didn't catch anything, then I caught a pergo, then further on I caught a
bass, then last my brother caught a bass.

Then we went back to our boat to clean the fish.

Masquerade caught three trigger fish.

We were getting ready to all go to Jacaranda for dinner, Masquerade was
there. We had the trigger fish. Then at sunset Linda on Jacaranda blew her
horn that is actually a conk shell, then we all tried it, it was really

Then we had cookies for a father's day dessert. Then we played with the
girl, then went back.

Now today, the 21st

We got up, did the boring home school, then did more fishing, I caught two
bass and two trigger fish, my brother got a lure stuck in the rocks so Chuck
cut the line, tide it to a cork, then dropped in the water, so he went back
to his boat and got his snorkelling stuff, so then he would just look for
the cork on the top of the water, then dive down and get his lure.

Then we went back to our boat and here I am again doing the rest of the

Now shoo

By Liam

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