Wednesday 16 June 2010

Kai - Escape From La Paz


Whenever we get to a big town like Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan, we usually
plan how long we are going to be in the place, but always stay longer.
After a long time of deciding whether to go to La Paz to get more
food and water, or to keep heading north. We finally agreed to go to La Paz
for two days. We anchored right in front of Marina De La Paz and radioed all
the kid boats around, but they were all gone. Oh well.
We woke up fairly early to go to the dock café to watch a soccer
game. They couldn't play it, so we went to a different restaurant, but they
couldn't play it either, but we ate there anyways. After we went to one of
the main grocery stores, C.C.C. We there for a while and restocked with
everything. We got a taxi back and unloaded everything onto the boat.
The next morning we cleaned up and the went to the Dock café to
watch Spain VS. Switzerland. Spain won. We then filled up with diesel and
water and left. We were very surprised, because this was one of the first
times we had left somewhere on time.
On the way out of the channel the Mexican Military came and one of
the men got aboard. He asked to see the boat papers, the fire extinguisher,
the sailing instruments, and the hand-held radio. Then he told my dad why
they were doing everything, but they were speaking in Spanish. The only word
he under stood was "Top Secret." So anyways, we left after that and headed
for Espiritu Santo, which only took about three hours. On the way we put our
fishing reel onto our new rod. I used it for fishing on the way with a
small, fake squid. We catch lots of fish with our little lures. But I had no
luck that day.
We had Pepperoni and Hawaiian pizza for dinner, but I eventually
realized the pineapple was actually artichoke (which I do not like) so I am
saving it for lunch tomorrow. Than my brother and I started yelling really
loud and then heard our echo. Then we pretended we were doing the radio on
the deck for about three hours and then came inside to do the blog.
That's all there really is to say.


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