Saturday 19 June 2010

Kai - Hi


We arrived in a small anchorage right on the other side of a small fishing
village yesterday. Most of the men either are fishermen, or they work for
the salt ponds. The people dig big ponds so that salt water fills up in
them, then the sun absorbs the water, but leaves lots of the salt. When we
have better internet connection we will put pictures.
We also explored the village. We bought some chips at a little
corner store in someone's house. We went down to the beach and then watched
the fishermen clean fish. They were cleaning: Jacks, Triggerfish, and
massive Cabrillas.
We headed back to the boat, and then I made pasta for dinner. The
next morning we got off the boat and too pictures of the salt ponds, checked
out the cemetery, and then left for "Los Gatos."
We fished most of the way, and while Liam and I were doing
homeschooling, the boat must have gone through a school of fish, because we
both got tugs. The fish snapped the line I was using, so I lost the leader,
and a really good lure. Liam's was fighting really hard, and when we got it
up to the side of the boat, we realised it was a Skip Jack Tuna. If you want
Skip Jack to taste good, you have to bleed it, and we were not interested in
doing that. So we released it.
We arrived in Los Gatos, but it was to rocky, so we went to a
different anchorage, but it was to rocky there, so we are heading to Agua
Verde right now. We have some boat friends there.
I hope to see you all soon.


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